What is Softfunding

SoftFunding gets products funded by consumers, retailers and wholesalers.

As an Entrepreneur you can get donations for your product and also for a campaign, such as for advertising, a trade show or an event. You also get automatic donations to charity or a social cause, making you an instant Social Entrepreneur.

As a consumer you can find cool products before they hit the stores and decide who makes it and who doesn’t. You have control over the market. Not only that, every product you back gives back to the community because all projects are from social entrepreneurs.

Retailers and Wholesalers find the next big product with a built-in consumer base and can place purchase orders directly from SoftFunding.

Journalists find great stories on products and get media kits, photos and even videos for their stories. They can even contact and interview entrepreneurs here on SoftFunding directly and get more readers for their story.

Most important things you should know about Softfunding

1. Entrepreneurs keep 100% of their company. They don’t give away any stock.

2. Consumers get first pick at new products and choose what they want to see on the market. They also pledge money for charitable use of funds.

3. Mentors help entrepreneurs make better decision and develop great products.

4. Distributors and Retailers can buy your products for their stores and put you on the map.

5. A Better World! Everyone donates to the less fortunate because Softfunding creates social entrepreneurs, so every penny raised goes towards making a better world.

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