First Step

Set-up questions:

The steps are made so that it’s easy to start the project and it gets more detailed as you go along.

  1. Contact Info
  2. Basic info like project name, website, product name, project description
  3. Product and Campaign Details
  4. Links to all social sites and how many followers on each
  5. Photos
  6. Videos
  7. Email blast to your list with Facebook blast – LinkedIn blast – Twitter integration
  8. Deals and Giveaways –including one for social entrepreneurs
  10. Media Kit –send press releases, pitch the media on your project
  11. Advertising –advertise on facebook, LinkedIn, google, etc. provide links and how-to info.
  1. Product or Project Description –Tell us why your product is great and why is it different: Minimum of 400 words


  1. How did you come up with the idea?  Tell us the story. Minimum of 400 words


  1. Specifications: Measurements, weight, shipping information, package specifications, how many per case, by carton, by pallet, etc.  This information is for wholesalers and retailers.


  1. Tell us about yourself –We want to know the most interesting details. Write in paragraph form as if you’re telling us a story.  Many people fund the person, not the project!


  1. What is the money for?  It can be for product development, production, a marketing campaign, trade show, advertising campaign, etc.

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