Social Entrepreneur makes social entrepreneurs out of all entrepreneurs.  A social entrepreneur is a businessperson that wants to change the world for the better using business as their primary tool.

You have many different ways to become a social entrepreneur and we’re here to help you each and every step of the way.

Ways of be social:

Pledges and Gifts:

You can create one of your gifts to be a “giving back gift”. For example, for $200 you go to a local orphanage and give away some of your products in an event. You can do the same for an elderly home, hospital, rural school, or third world country.  We’ll be happy to help you develop a package. You’ll then send photos or video to your pledges so they can see how they helped change the world, this will give you customers for life.

Give a Percentage:

You can also choose to give a percentage of your donations and even latter sales to charity. We’ll be happy to help you choose a charity. We also work hands on in many charitable projects; you can tag along and come with us or simply give to those projects. This way you can track what your donations are going.

Full Immersion:

Maybe you’re already a social entrepreneur and its part of your business model. If this is the case make sure you explain it in detail in your product or project description so that everyone knows about your social enterprise.