Jorge Olson FMCG Analysis

Hello and welcome to your new hangout for FMCG industry analysis. Frequent visitors include hedge fund managers, investment analysts, hedge funds as well as private equity firms.

About Jorge Olson and the world of FMCG Investing

I’m not a conventional FMCG and beverage industry analyst. I’m an entrepreneur and author who just happens to write about the industry and was kind of forced to go into analysis. This happened about fifteen years ago when I started getting calls from mutual fund managers.

My road into working with investors started after I published my first book, Build Your Beverage Empire. After the book came out I appeared on Forbes, Success Magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and a bunch of radio stations. This was the catalyst, but it’s not why investors cal me. My beverage book, as well as other books, is why reporters call.

Investors call because I’ve done almost everything in beverages and all types of consumer goods. I’ve developed more than 1,000 products, sold to almost every single retail chain plus thousands of independent stores. In the last seventeen years, I’ve been CEO, COO, CMO, and VP of distribution, beverages, and consumer goods companies. Not to mention over 100 consulting and mentoring projects with companies of all sizes.

Here we are now, I’ve worked with almost all of the top 20 banks and funds in the country, and I’m still in the industry as an executive, working every day in the industry I write about, consult on, and help investors with insights.

To book a call with me, just scroll down and choose the time and day from my calendar, pay, and you’ll get the call-in number. It’s simple.