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Hempacco Pre-IPO Investment Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in Hempacco and our investment opportunity. Remember, this is for accredited investors only.

Hello, my name is Sandro Piancone, I'm the company's founder, and I'm glad you're here. We're currently offering an investment opportunity before we go public.

The opportunity is for a convertible note that pays a 25% return in 18 months with 8% interest. It converts into stock in the publicly-traded company.

If you like what you see, I would like to chat on the phone and tell you more about it. You're also welcome to visit our manufacturing plant and corporate office in San Diego and kick the tires.

Download the Hemp Cigarette Whitepaper to learn more about the size and scope of the industry:


Download our short stack executive summary to see what we're doing in ten slides or less:


Download to know what the opportunity is about in only one page:


Download the investment one-page term sheet with minimum investment of $25,000 and return on investment of 25%:


When you’re ready to chat, ask questions or fill out the investment docs, please call me directly.

Thank you:
Sandro Piancone
CEO of Hempacco, Co. Inc.

Phone: (619) 779-0715